Premium quality. Premium taste.

Ocean fresh, sustainably farmed Australian abalone

A Luxury from the coast of the great southern ocean
Where clear waters produce first class abalone

For wholesalers and distributors

AUSAB PTY LTD is the marketing company for Southseas Abalone Ltd which is the largest supplier of cultured abalone in Australia and largest supplier of cultured Greenlip abalone in the world. Our farms are located on the coast of beautiful Southern Australia where the pristine waters and shores enable us to produce some of the highest quality abalone the world has ever tasted.

Choose from frozen abalone packaged whole in its shell or IQF meat which is shucked before freezing. All of our abalone are individually quick-frozen to ensure maximum possible freshness.

Carefully chosen and packed by hand then delivered live to you anywhere in Australia. It’s the ultimate product for clients who appreciate abalone only at its freshest and finest.

Once tasted never forgotten

Don’t risk your reputation:
make sure you’re selling the finest abalone on earth

For thousands of years abalone has been one of the ocean’s most prized delicacies - a luxury to be enjoyed at times of special celebration. The exquisitely flavoured abalone naturally produced by Ausab’s farms is a world-class product to delight the most discerning of palates.


Proudly produced in Southern Australia
And served by some of the world’s top restaurants

Our wholesale and resale clients supply some of the best chefs working today. Abalone from Ausab has graced the tables of fine dining establishments as far flung as Shanghai, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and Vancouver. In fact, some chefs in Tokyo’s famed Ginza district insist on using only our abalone to create their spectacular sashimi dishes.


Why settle for second best when ethically farmed, delectable abalone from Ausab is fit for a king!