Greenlip Abalone

For thousands of years, abalone have been one of the most prized delicacies, and a luxury from the sea. Some even praise the medicinal and aphrodisiac powers of abalone. At Ausab we farm both the Greenlip and Tiger abalone species.

Greenlip Abalone

So what's so special about the Greenlip Abalone? Well the gourmets and experts believe it has a pearl white meat with sweeter flavour and tenderer texture than other abalone, and so is much sought after by chefs the world over.

With the scientific name Haliotis laevigata, the Greenlip is a marine gastropod which only flourishes in deep rocks or reefs up to 40 metres deep. They have a rough shell which is ear-shaped to protect them from the action of the waves and their green "lip" is actually the Abalone's muscular foot, which it uses to move around the reef and to cling to rocks. In the wild they can live for 10 years or more in the wild but our farmed abalone are harvested at around five years when they're perfect for cooking. And in any dish it is widely considered that they deliver a better than fresh, sweeter meat, with a smoother, more delicate texture than any other abalone available.

Tiger Abalone

Australia's Tiger Abalone is a cross between the Greenlip and Blacklip. Tiger gives the connoisseur, the best of both worlds with the distinctive abalone flavour and a fine texture.