Our People

Team at our Port Lincoln Farm

The Pristine Oceans off Australia's Southern Coast

Home to some of the world's best seafood and the only place you'll find our famous Greenlip Abalone. Thanks to the cool temperatures flowing up from the arctic, our oceans have the perfect conditions, and the abalone thrives here. All our farm managers have a strong passion for abalone and want to ensure that it is available to be enjoyed by people for centuries to come - so they use their 50+ years of combined experience to raise the best product possible while safeguarding future stocks. So let's meet the team behind Pure Australian Abalone and learn some of their recipe secrets.

David Connell (Kangaroo Island, South Australia)

A fan of Asian cooking, David enjoys his abalone flash fried with garlic, chili and tasty rice noodles. He loves the fact that managing the farm in Kangaroo Island gives him the chance to enjoy his true passion - the great outdoors, surrounded by penguins, koalas and of course, kangaroos, all in their natural habitat.

Tim Rudge (Portland, Victoria)

Tim enjoys a little Italian flair and chops his abalone for use on pizza which he enjoys with his own homemade basil pesto and local buffalo feta cheese. Based in Portland Victoria, he burns off his pizza dinners by walking the stunning Whites Beach section of the Great Southwest walk on the western side of Cape Bridgewater.

Craig Marshall (Bicheno, Tasmania)

Craig Kestel (Bremer Bay, Western Australia)

Craig is our representative over in Bremer Bay, Western Australia. He likes his Abalone thinly sliced and flash-fried with olive oil and garlic and is currently experimenting with spicy Thai dips to serve with. When not in the kitchen he likes exploring the local archipelago and catching the spectacular sunset over the ocean.

Tom Hyde (Port Lincoln, South Australia)

Based in Port Lincoln, Tom enjoys fishing in the local bays. His favourite abalone is sashimi with soy and wasabi.